Eva Blaskovic
Freelance writer and editor living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Eva Blaskovic merges two traditionally separate worlds of thought: Art and Science. She is a writer/editor with the analytical mind of a scientist, who communicates effectively to a wide range of audiences, from non-professional to expert, in fields as diverse as Health Care, Education, Business, Computer Science, and Finance.

A lifelong writer and editor with a science background that includes laboratory experience, she worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant and taught in a literacy centre, where she earned her "Teacher of the Month" award in November 2010.

Writing and/or editing has included website text, theses and reports, e-articles, business letters, proposals, books, ads and brochures, and newsletter and magazine articles. These have covered topics that include Oil and Gas Pipelines, Water Treatment, Human Development, and Learning/Instructional Material.

Eva's ability to teach enables her to create instructional materials that are user friendly and do not skip over material by making assumptions. She connects, expands on, and explains concepts.

Eva believes in lifelong learning and has attended numerous workshops and courses in Alberta and the United States.

Recent publications include:

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