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Articles - To Be Submitted

"Two Provinces, Three Weeks, 101 Experiences" - travel article featuring a 3-week road trip in British Columbia and Alberta

"Hanging Loose in Hawaii" - travel article on site in Hawaii

"I'm Not That Brave" - skydiving article featuring a teacher's jump at Eden North

"Nip It Now and Avoid the Dragon" - parenting article

"Can Your Child Picture Time?" - parenting article about teaching time and primary math skills

"Bank On It" - parenting article for finance section

"The Forgotten Years: Upper Elementary, Grades Five and Six" - parenting and educator article



"The Waiting Room" - sci-fi short story - published



BEYOND THE PRECIPICE - mainstream fiction novel


Bret Killeen is trapped by the words of his dead father, enslaved by his brother, and hated by his uncle. Only when he can confront his past and reconcile his guilt over the death he thinks he caused can he embrace a future with the girl and music he loves. - BEYOND THE PRECIPICE, Eva Blaskovic.